What is EcoSparkles made from?

Our products are made from a plant film (cellulose) from primarily eucalyptus wood pulp. The trees are grown in European plantations under PEFC standards, which promotes and healthy and sustainable forestry. Beside the cellulose our products contain natural cosmetic pigments, plant oils, water, styrene, aluminium, mica and shellac, depending on which glitter it is. 

We have a whole section about the glitters here, we recommend checking it out for more in depth info on the ingredients.


Are you the makers of the glitter?

No, we are not the actual producers of biodegradable glitter, but we are licensed resellers of Bio-glitter® who are the creators of the worlds first naturally degradable glitter. We have been working closely with them since the start of 2016 and launched as the third company in the world to make the sparkles available for consumers. We get the glitter home in kilos (yeah, you read right kilos) and create the unique EcoSparkles mixes. We also do all the graphic design and filling of the little pots ourselves. 

On the products you'll see the Bio-glitter® logo as well as our own and that is because to us being licensed is a stamp of approval, we are not only resellers we are also acknowledged as being a socially responsible company.


Can you eat the glitter?

No. You can't eat a product that is developed for cosmetic use. So please, don't add the glitter to food or cakes. It contains minerals and aluminium. 


Does EcoSparkles products contain anything GMO?

No, all our products are GMO free


Is there any heavy metals in EcoSparkles?

No, also absolutely no heavy metals involved in our products or production.


How does the product biodegrade?

We sell two different kinds of glitter at EcoSparkles, Classic which is our standard metallic glitter that we have been selling since 2016 and Shimmer which is our 100% plastic free and pearlescent glitter we launched in 2019. Classic biodegrade 87% within 4 weeks in the natural environment and Shimmer 90% within 4 weeks. After 1-6 months Classic will be degraded by 92% and Shimmer 98%

For the glitter to degrade it needs to be in contact with natural bacteria and is tested, proven and certified naturally degradable in freshwater environments.

There are certain ingredients in the product which will not biodegrade such as mica and the pigments as these come from minerals which are 100% natural, but not biodegradable.


Is it possible for me to deduct biodegrading tests myself?

Yes, you can easily test the degrading of the product yourself, but be aware that for the products to break down they'll need an environment that performs degrading standards. So you can't just put some glitter in a glass of tap water and expect it to break down, it'll need a natural bacteria flora to start ingesting and degrading the products.


Is my glitter going to break down in the pot over time?

No, the glitter has a so called unlimited shelf life, which means the glitter won't break down and disappear in the pot. Be aware though that if the glitter is displayed in direct bright light or sunlight, that the colour of the glitter will fade and the glitter become silver. It's also worth mentioning that the products has only been on the market for 6 years, so we can't say how the glitter will behave after say 10 years in the pot, but we surely do hope you will have used your sparkles before that long.


Is the glitter flammable?

Because of the plantbased film the products are flammable yes. So we can't guarantee how the glitter will work in candle making, wax melts or added to burned ceramics.


Can I add the glitter to paint and paint walls with it?

We get this question a lot and the answer is, we don't know. As the glitter is natural it doesn't hold up to dissolvents the same way plastic glitter does, so depending on what is in the paint to add it too it might bleed the colour out and/or possibly full dissolve and became one with the paint. We recommend if you want to try this, to buy a small amount first and try it out on a patch of walls first to see how it reacts with the paint it's added too.


What is the packaging made from?

We don't think ecofriendly products should be sold in plastic packaging, so we spend a long time finding the right little containers for the glitter and are so happy with our little glass pots with aluminium lids. They're super sturdy even though they're made from glass, so you can easily have them in your cosmetics bag or pocket out celebrating. When the pots are empty you can buy refill bags here on the shop and fill up the pots again, the refill bags are made from glassine which is fully home compostable and 100% natural. Our mega pots and glue pots are made from aluminium and can be put in metal recycling when empty, aluminium is a forever renewable material, just remove labels before binning them. Or you can epicycle them and use the little containers for other things like tablets or jewellery.


Can the glitter be used on children?

Yes, please do use the ecofriendly glitter on kids, they love feeling like fairies, unicorns and princesses. We don't recommend using the glitter too close to children eyes though, not because it's harmful, but we don't want anyone getting scared or sad by accidentally rubbing the glitter into their eyes. Should the accident happen, we recommend flushing asap, the glitter is really soft, so it won't cause harm to the eyes and medical assistance shouldn't be necessary. Does it irritate a lot and really hurt, please do go see a doctor anyways.


Can I use the glitter on myself close to or on the eyes?

Yes, you can use the glitter as an eyeshadow or in the close eye area. As mentioned it's very soft compared to plastic glitter, so it isn't harmful to get in the eyes. We don't recommend using super chunky on top of the eyelids, as the big flakes are quite uncomfortable in the creases.


Can I use the glitter on my lips?

As our Classic range contains 0.1% aluminium we don't recommend using this on the lips. But our Shimmer range is FDA approved for use on the lips.


Can I use EcoSparkles in nailart?

Yes you can use our products for nailart. Our Classic range can risk a bit of colour bleed if it get's in contact with harsh dissolvents such as acetone. Our Shimmer and Shimmer iridescent does not bleed and are great to use in nailart, especially the iridescent flakes looks great on nails.


Can I risk colour bleed from the products?

We sadly do experience colour bleed with some of our products on some users, it primarily the deep colours in our Classic range such as Oceana and Emerald green. It seems to only affect some users and we believe it has something to do with the PH value in peoples skin. If you experience colour bleed the way to remove it is to softens the skin with coconut oil for approx 15% time and then was with lukewarm water and soap on cloth. The colour bleed is completely unharmful and does not give any longtime staining. There is a disclaimer on all products we have experienced this bleed on.


What is the glue made from?

Our glue is produced in Germany by a health-product manufacturer. It contains various kinds of plant oils, its water based and easy to remove after use and then it is of course vegan and cruelty free.


How do I become a stockist of EcoSparkles?

Please just send an email to telling us a bit about your business. We will send you back our wholesaler catalogue, pricelist, colour sheet and an order form. The MOQ on first order is €400 plus shipping and restocks are €350 plus shipping. It is also possible to buy EcoSparkles in bulk bags of 100g and up.


What are your shipping terms, shipping times and return policy?

Please click here to read our shipping and return policies.


You are always very welcome te reach out on email if you have any questions to us and our products.