Sparkly Glitzmas - Xmas giftset

Spoil yourself or someone dear to you with this beautiful Xmas giftset containing 5 of our small pots of glitter, a glue, bamboo brush and a pocket mirror, packed in one of our beautiful cotton string-bags.

Our products are tested and proven to break down fast and safe in the natural environment, up to 98% within only 4 weeks. Our collection comes shiny holographic sparkles, soft iridescent shimmers and in a ray of vibrant colours and are indistinguishable from conventional plastic glitter, but up to 40% softer on the skin and FDA approved for safe cosmetic use on face, body and hair. 

The core ingredient in EcoSparkles glitters are cellulose from sustainably sourced eucalyptus, grown in european plantations under PEFC standards (promising regenerative forestry)

  • Biodegradable in natural environments
  • Freshwater and marine safe
  • Ethically sourced raw materials
  • FDA approved cosmetic pigments
  • Made on non-GMO ingredients
  • Cruelty Free


  • Glass pot with aluminium lid for glitters
  • Aluminium container for glue
  • Cotton string-bag
  • Mirror made from beech wood and glass
  • Vegan bamboo brush

    Glitters in this giftset:

    • 4g. of Elf Mix (Xmas glittermix)
    • 4g. of Sundancer (Gold glittermix)
    • 4g. of Candy Cane (Xmas glittermix)
    • 4g. of Prism Paradise (Holographic glittermix)
    • 4g. of Ravens Wing (IHolographic silver and black glittermix)
    • 400,00 kr