Best Behaviour

Address: Blågårdsgade 18, DK-2200 Copenhagen N.

Phone: +45 25317545 

On beautiful colourful Nørrebro, you'll find the shop Best Behaviour selling sustainable, fairtrade and slow fashion. Located in the buzzing street Blågårdsgade, you can indulge yourself in amazing clothing straight from India and get your matching EcoSparkles. 

"Our company philosophy is: Keep it simple Be personal Work with nice people Be sustainable Behave our best"


Stage Door

Address: Studiestræde 25A, th, DK-1455 Copenhagen.

Entrance through Kryolan Professional Make-up store

Phone: +45 61295005

In the very centre of inner Copenhagen you'll find this amazing store filled with all you could dream about of cruelty free and ecofriendly cosmetics. Alongside brands such as ParisBerlin and Diamond FX you'll find the full range of EcoSparkles colours and mixes.


Faraos Cigarer

Address: Nørregade 6, DK-1165 Copenhagen.

Phone: +45 33672014

Find EcoSparkles biodegradable glitters in the famous store Faraos Cigarer, placed in the very inner city of Copenhagen. Faraos Cigarer have been the go-to place for cartoons and games since the 80's. With 6 stores in total they know everything you'll need to know wether you are into LARP or casual dress ups. 

Faroes stock the full range of EcoSparkles Glitter and Glue.


Langsamt Store

Phone: +45 93870917

Address: Dybbølsgade 66, DK-1721 Copenhagen V.

In the old and charming Vesterbro of Copehagen you'll find EcoSparkles in this pearl of a sustainable clothing store. Johanne has an eye for unique designs and timeless classics, that will suit your Ecosparkles Shimmer a charm. Langsamt only stock out 100% plastic and aluminium free Shimmers.


Frøken Øko

Address: Heimdalsgade 6A, DK-2200 Copenhagen N.

Perle from Frøken Øko (Miss Eco) has an amazing little store in the multi cultural part of Copenhagen - Nørrebro. Her store is filled with healthy products that nurture both you and your soul. Be sure not to miss a visit and have an organic juice in the sunshine outside this little haven in the city.

"When you buy Local, an actual person does a little Happy Dance"





EcoSparkles Germany

The official sister company in Germany.

"Our dreams is that within a few years only biodegradable glitter will be shattered on the festival grounds. We want to grow the ecofriendly solutions far out over our German and Danish borders" - Sophie Diehl, EcoSparkles DE   





Mold Eco

Address: Klockervägen 1, Huddinge (Stockholm)

A beautiful lifestyle boutique outside Stockholm where you can find all your needs for a sustainable lifestyle. Including some EcoSparkles mixes and Glue.



.....THE STATES.....


Little Black Diamond - San Diego, USA

As one of the leading brands within festival clothing in the states we are proud to cooperate with Little Black Diamond. 

Located in San Diego they know their sunshine wear and they know their glitter. If you are in dire need of glitter and you need it fast, please see the small but hot stock they have of EcoSparkles Biodegradable Glitters and Glitter Glue. 

"The future is female. We remind our customers that the way you dress should be an empowering, liberating experience. Women do not exist for men, nor do we belong to them - we belong to ourselves. We live life for ourselves. We dress how we want, for ourselves." -Adrianne and LBD team.


Love on Haight - San Francisco, USA

Address: 1400 Haight Street, 94117 San Francisco

Phone: +1 415-817-1027

On the original hippie place of the world, Haight Street in San Francisco, you'll find tie dye heaven Love on Haight. Sunny and her gang of sparkling friends stock a limited selection of EcoSparkles Biodegradable glitter mixes. Be sure not to miss this time machine back to the seventies in San Francisco. 

“When you walk into Love on Haight you will feel the Love emulating off the walls and hopefully you will take that love and encourage more…"




Das Dekagramm - Graz   

Address: Joanneumring 16, 8010 Graz

We ship selected zero-waste products without producing any extra waste. The packages used get a second life from your order - the shipping packages are collected by us and reused for individual packages - so each pack is unique.





Cameleon Paint - Helsinki 

The professional facepainters from Cameleon Paint in Finland have everything you'll need to make yourself or others extra colourful. Their webshop is filled with amazing products and they stock the full colourline of EcoSparkles glitters and glue. 

You can also hire Emma Räsänan, as a face/body painter or make-up artist - Phone: +358 400 665 089





Azarius Confetti - Amsterdam

Phone: +31(0)20 7372107

Address: Azarius Shop, Kerkstraat 119, 1017 GE, Amsterdam

In the center of Amsterdam you can find a selection of EcoSparkles in the smartshop Azarius. With a good selection of neccesarities for a colourful festival lifestyle or just some days in the sun. Azarius are here to help you sparkle sustainable.