What size should I get?

Small Pot - 3.5g.

This is our smallest size of pots. They are perfect if you want a lot of different colours in your collection. One pot of glitter is enough for about 10 times simple glitter looks.

Big Pot - 8g.

Our standard size of pots, here you have enough glitter for a while. 
Just like our small pots, the 8g. pots are made of glass with an aluminium lid, both are fully recyclable when time is. 

Mega Pot - 50g.

Are you planning to do full body glittering, are you a makeup artist, or glitter painter, well then the mega pots are made just for you. 50g. of glitter is enough for one time full body coverage, it's also the pots you see us use in our glitter station. 
The pots are made of black painted aluminium with a see through lid in plast. If your pot reaching the end, simply pop out the plast and put to plastic recycling, the rest of the pot goes to normal metal recycling.

Refill Bag - 10g. 

When your pot of favourite glitter is empty, it would be silly to just send the pot to recycling. That s why we offer 10g. refill bags. The bags are made of glassine, which is a wax treated paper. They are fully biodegradable and so is the labels.

Bulk Bag - 100g.

Are you planning a glitter wrestling? A sparkly shower? Multiple glittery bodies or maybe you're using the glitter in art pieces? This bag is for you. 
The bag is made of glassine and is fully biodegradable, just as are the labels.

Glue Pot - 15ml. & 33ml.

Our amazing ecofriendly glue comes in 2 sizes. 15ml. is our standard size and is the size you find in our sets and kits as well. But do you need bigger quantities, we offer the 33ml. pots as well. 
The pots are made of 100% aluminium and goes to metal recycling when empty.