EcoSparkles Biodegradable Glitter

EcoSparkles Classic Glitters are the biodegradable glitter product we have been supplying since the beginning of 2016 as licensed reseller of BioGiltter® This product was until recently the most biodegradable glitter on the market.

All EcoSparkles Glitters are made on a base ingredient of cellulose from sustainably sourced eucalyptus trees. These trees come from European plantations, promising responsible growth and harvest of the plants. 

Our classic glitters also contain 8% styrene acrylate, which is a cosmetic binder, that is the coating in the glitter, that keeps the other ingredients together.

It also contains 0.1% aluminium (shining layer) and FDA approved cosmetic ingredients derived from minerals. This has left us with a product that is 90% biodegradable and 92% plastic free.

You might wonder why it doesn't reach 92% biodegradability when there isn't more non biodegradable content in the product. But minerals such as the aluminium and pigments can't be classified as biodegradable because they are natural compounds found in our earths crust, they don't break down but simply returns to the elements again. 

EcoSparkles classic glitters are both Vegan and Cruelty Free.


EcoSparkles Shimmer

In March 2019 our manufacturers at BioGlitter® launched the worlds first 100% plastic free glitter. In mid April 2019 we made these sparkles available for consumers under our new range of truly guilt free glitter, EcoSparkles Shimmer! This exciting new product is certified biodegradable in even gentle natural environments, such as freshwater sources and fully biodegrade within 4 weeks when in contact with natural bacteria.

Just like our classic glitter, then EcoSparkles Shimmer is produced from cellulose. Other ingredients are as follows; Shellac, Mica and FDA approved cosmetic pigments. 

Shellac is a natural material produced by beetles native to India. The Shellac is a by-product og these beetles mating process. When the female needs to lay her eggs, she eats the sap from these trees and produces a resin where in the eggs are laid. This sap hardens to a protective shell where the lavae can develop and live from until they are ready to hatch and eat their way out. The hardened resin is left on the trees and harvested by local communities that sell the flakes on, where of industrial shellac is produced. This trade is vital for these communities to thrive and no beetles or lavae are hurt in the process. How ever this ingredient is not vegan. 

The Mica replaces the aluminium known from our classic glitters and is the new shining coat that gives EcoSparkles Shimmer it's soft, almost iridescent sparkle. It is really important for EcoSparkles to always know that the products used in our glitters come from sustainable and ethical sources. And BioGlitter® promises that the Mica comes from such.

Shimmer is by far the most environmentally friendly Glitter you find on todays market and we are proud to be leading the way for Guilt Free Glitter together with BioGlitter® The product is fully biodegradable with whopping 98% and completely natural!

EcoSparkles Shimmer is Cruelty Free.