We are super happy that the awareness about biodegradable glitter is growing. And we read every single email that is send to us. But we find it hard to reply to every single one, so please read this carefully before taking contact to us in regard to receiving sponsorships. 

EcoSparkles is a small business, owned and run by one person. We currently receive about 5 requests daily about sponsorships. We simply do not have the funds to sponsor every cool initiative that comes to us. 

Things we sponsor: 

Beach cleans

Litter picks

Climate activism projects

Female empowerment and feminism


Things we do not sponsor: 

Festive initiatives (incl. LGBT events)

Makeup artists 


Sport events

Private parties

Festival celebraties


Fashion brands or shoots 


Are you in doubt if your climate project can be sponsored, please send an email. But expect a certain response time. Any requests about sponsorships on what is stated above here, will not be replied. 


EcoSparkles have a squad of engaged ambassadors, who all work with projects that we see a huge value in and that aligns with the mentality of the company. We do not take more ambassadors in currently. 

Our Pledge is to give back to Mother Earth, and we do this through support to environmental charities and out support to Amazoonico and Selva Viva in Ecuador, who works - hands on - with protection of the rainforest and it's creatures.