Glitter Size Guide

How to use EcoSparkles

Our glitter comes in small glass pots are loose glitter. So you will need a primer underneath to make the glitter stick to the skin. We recommend using our EcoSparkles glue which is 100% natural and water based, plus dermatologically tested and safe to use on even sensitive skin. 

First you apply a thin layer of glue on the skin with a brush or finger, then you pick up the glitter with the still damp brush and dap it on to the area where you have applied glue. 

To remove the glitter we recommend removing as much as possible with a cloth or wipe and then use lukewarm water and a mild soap to clean your skin.

To remove from hair and beads, dandruff shampoo does just the trick!


Fine - 0.3mm / 008 μm
This is our standard cut of biodegradable glitter. The grain size is a fine pigment that is ideal to use as eyeshadow, intricate designs, nail art or for full body coverage. It's the most common size known in glitter. Find our fine glitter selection here
Chunky - 1mm / 040 μm
Our chunky biodegradable glitter is 1mm in diameter and hexagon shaped. It is the perfect glitter for more dramatic looks and can be used both as makeup and full body glitter. Find all the delicious chunky sparkles here
Super Chunky - 2.4mm / 094 
The Super Chunky biodegradable glitter is 2.4mm in diameter and hexagon shaped. These sparkles really makes a bold look and is genius for use in hair, beards and body. You can buy the super chunky sparkles separately or choose one of our many amazing mixes with super chunky grains mixed in. Get your super chunky glitter here
Glittermixes our speciality. We offer the biggest selection of biodegradable glitter mixes on the market. All mixes contain a minimum of 3 sizes of glitter in, as we have secret grain size we use only for mixes. Go to the shop to find our ever growing selection of unique blends hand mixed with love in Denmark.



Small pot

Our smallest pots contain 4g of glitter (5ml) and will easily be enough for 20-30 times use of glitter such as eyeshadow and cheekbones. You'll also have enough to cover half you face with sparkles. Its the perfect pot to have in your cosmetics bag and your pocket for on the go shine! 

Big pot

10g. of fantastic biodegradable glitter, here is glitter for days of festival sparkling or if your just a proper sparkle lover who wants a bit of shine every day, we recommend a big pot if you wanna share your sparkles in front of the festival stages this summer. 8g is the equivalent of 15ml.

Mega pot

Hiya, are you looking into creating full body glitter shoots? Or are you maybe an artist that uses loads of glitter? Well, then our mega pots are for you. The pots come in aluminium with a see through lid. 

Refill bags

When you run out of your favourite glitter we offer refill bags, so you can refill your glass pot again and again. Every bag contains 10g of glitter and are made from glassine, which is a slightly translucent wax treated paper. The bags are closed with plant based stickers and vegan glue. 

Bulk bags

100g. of wonderful biodegradable glitter, also packed in our glassine bags.