EcoSparkles Biodegradable Glitter was established in the spring of 2016, by Nanna Stofberg. With a burning desire to protect and help our environment, but also a strong interest for festival fashion and the festival lifestyle, it became clear that if these two thing could be combined, they should! 

After getting in contact with the manufacturers behind BioGlitter®, we became the third company in the world to make these products available for consumers and to this day work close together with BioGlitter® as a licensed reseller of their products.


We are based in Copenhagen, Denmark and are the main supplier for the scandinavian market. But working together with multiple individual businesses selling the glitter worldwide, you have the possibility to buy your EcoSparkles closer to home. 

If you are interested in stocking EcoSparkles, please just send an email to: info@ecosparkles.dk

We spend every day trying to make a difference, we know that glitter won't solve all the struggles our nature is suffering, but do believe that with the joy of sparkles we can help spread awareness in and hopefully plant shiny seeds to help people live more sustainably. 

You are always welcome to send us an email to ask questions on the products and our company; info@ecosparkles.dk