EcoSparkles Biodegradable Glitter was established in the spring of 2016, by me Nanna. I had just returned from 4 months living in the rainforest and I could feel that I wanted to work with something I felt like I make a difference in this world. Actually I was going to apply to university to become a disaster manager, who would work in the field after natural disasters helping humans and animals in need. But the opportunity to start up my own company with EcoSparkles literally fell in my lap and I decided to pursue this very unexpected endeavour. Something I have never regretted, I literally love my job so, so much!

After getting in contact with the manufacturers behind BioGlitter®, we became the third company in the world to make these products available for consumers and to this day work close together with BioGlitter® as a licensed reseller of their products.

We used to have our workshop and storage in Copenhagen in Denmark, but in 2020 we moved to Jutland where our storage today is located. I moved to the U.K. together with my partner Sam and is working on the road from our little campervan home. I'm in Denmark 3-4 times a year to update our stock, create new products and attend festivals and market, where you'll meet me (and Sam) selling the glitter and/or working in the glitter station.

Back in Denmark I have hired my wonderful mum to pack and ship the orders placed on here, twice a week. Turning EcoSparkles into a family business ♥

We spend every day trying to make a difference, I know that glitter won't solve all the struggles our nature is suffering, but do believe that with the joy of sparkles we can help spread awareness and hopefully plant shiny seeds to help people live more sustainably. 

You are always welcome to send us an email to ask questions on the products and our company; info@ecosparkles.dk

Thank you so much for coming along on this sparkly journey. //Nanna