The vision behind EcoSparkles have always been to spread awareness about the struggles our environment is facing. We are in the middle of a worldwide crisis, where plastic pollution, deforestation and corruption is threatening the future of not just wildlife but also us, humans, as a species. 

Plastic pollution is a huge factor in this crisis, microplastic is found in 100% of the fish that are being caught. The pollution of the worlds oceans are adding to the raise of global warming and deforestation is limiting the amount of carbon nature can pull out of the atmosphere again. 

There is many ways you can - and must - change your habits, to do your part in preventing this crisis. Young people across the world is going to the streets to vocalise the seriousness of this danger. As an individual you won't do much difference with your choices, but if we as a mass change our behaviours, there is a chance that we can still turn this around. 

EcoSparkles came in to reality after our founder, Nanna Stofberg, returned from a journey to Ecuador. Here she had been working in the projects Selva Viva and Amazoonico with rehabilitation of wild animals rescued from captivity and protection of the rainforest. This place have since nested deep in the heart of EcoSparkles, and every year we donate to the project to help them continue their work, for the forest and for all the souls living there. 


Our products are made by the British company - Bioglitter® who developed the products in 2015/2016. We work closely together with them securing to always have the most environmentally friendly glitter on the market available. But because there still are a little way to go before we can say all our products  are 100% free of plastic. We try to give back to nature as much as possible, when and where possible. 

Every year we donate 8% of our profits to Amazoonico in Ecuador.

Adding to this we collect 10% of all sales on "Black Friday weekend"  the last weekend of November, and send to their projects as well. We do this as a stand against the overspending mentality. We are very aware that Glitter will not be the solution to the problems we are fighting. But we do believe in giving back where we can, and to raise awareness about the changes that can be done to live more consciously, with the environment in mind. 


The EcoSparkles Values

Our packaging is as sustainable as possible:
  • Glass pots with aluminium lids
  • Biodegradable refill bags
  • Aluminium tins for our glue
  • Instead of buying new pots when you run out, we offer refill bags 
  • We ship in recycled cardboard boxes
  • We use wood shavings for protection
  • Business Cards and Flyers in recycled paper
  • We always recommend buying your glitter as close to home as possible
  • We support small initiatives that takes action for the planet
  • Leave a guilt free Glittery footprint on your path


So, thank you so much for choosing EcoSparkles, and for helping us with our mission in giving back to the nature. We can't do it without you guys, and it really warms our sparkly hearts to see how the awareness about biodegradable glitter is only growing. Hopefully one day, you won't see plastic glitter on the shelfs of the store anymore, or in the toys we give our small ones. There is only one way to go from here, and that is the guilt free way. 

If you have any questions about the products, ingredients, development or our sponsorship to Amazoonico, please never hesitate to send an email to: