Microplastic is one of the biggest pollutants and threats our environment is currently facing. It is estimated that over 51 trillion tiny pieces of plastic is floating around in the worlds oceans. An recently it was discovered that even the smallest creatures on bottom of the ocean had plastic in their guts. 

Since microplastic is such a common effect of our modern households, not many can say they haven't contributed to the pollution. But there is many ways you can take action every day to try and minimise the footprint you leave behind. One of them is in your use of glitter. 

We see many big companies making switches in their policies and products and even governments are following with the plastic bag ban in Morocco, no microplast allowed in beauty products produced in California and latest the European banned single use plastic completely effectively 2021! 





Our vision have since day one been to spread awareness about plastic pollution through the joy of sparkles. We believe that if you meet consumers in eye height we can plant small shining seeds of ways to make a difference on your path. And we believe in giving as much back to our earth as possible. The glitter journey started in the South American rainforest for us, and we still support the Wildlife Rescue Center Amazoonico in Ecuador every year with our collection during green weekend. 





Because we know that some of our products still have a little way to go we also have pledged to donate 8% of our yearly surplus to charities fighting plastic pollution. Other than this we love to support as many environmental projects as possible, so are you planning a litter pick or a beach clean, please let us know and hear how we can help. 

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Other ways EcoSparkles take action every day

Our packaging is as sustainable as possible:

  • The pots are made of glass with aluminium lids (recyclable)
  • The refill bags are made of biodegradable plastic
  • The glue pots are made of aluminium (recyclable)


Our shipping packages contain no or little plastic: 

  • We pack everything in recycled cardboard boxes.
  • We use wood shavings as protection instead of polystyrene and bubble wrap. 
  • Our flyers and businesscards are made from recycled material too.


To help customers buy closer to home we make wholesale agreements with different companies around in the world, so we can safe our world for to much transatlantic shipping.