Cim Ek - Sweden
Cim Ek is a freelance photographer who had set out to explore and celebrate the human experience through photos. With her work she wants to heal our relationship to our bodies and bring in more self love. In her project Glitter Yonis she wants to release some of that shame and tabu around the yoni, sexuality and pleasure. So she invites women to share their story and step into a space to honor and celebrate their yoni. Dressing her up in glitter and turn her into the piece of art that she is!
Mitra Hoop - Ibiza
The galactic astral flower Mitra Hoop is with us in Ibiza and all over the wold. Spreading the sacred geometry, the light and sparkle though her colourful performance. Multi Hooping shows, fire shows and unicorn horns-making with a lot of EcoSparkles to remind us about the magic of life! Her passion for her art shines though like the sun give life to nature. Bring her to your party to enlighten your event with her performance. 

Cosmic Glitter Tribe - The Netherlands
Rosalie Ruardy is the founder of Cosmic Glitter Tribe and they are on a mission to make everyone shine a little brighter in a way that is also good for our beautiful Mother Earth. Rosalie and her girls work mostly in and around Amsterdam on events, festivals, weddings, photoshoots and kids birthday parties. Their style is mermaid-dreamy, but every person gets their own design based on their energy, what they  are wearing and of course their visions and dreams. Do you want to work with Rosalie?
Harley Queen - Sweden
The colorful carny Harley Queen is a dancer and performer with a repertoire that stretches between ballet en pointe, aerial hoop and urban stiles. She is a creature from the north, charmingly unpredictable - spreading her expertease through performing and burlesque. One of her main missions in life is to make the world a little less dull, a little moore colorful. How? Spreading the sparkles ofc!
The Whimsical Wizard - United Kingdom

Roll up, roll up... Step forward and prepare your minds to be mystified by Leon Simmonds. Leon's shiny-magical-mischief has seen him performing professionally for every type of audience possible, from festivals to freakshows, corporate to kink, and everything in-between! He has performed his unique style of magic in numerous venues all across the UK, as well as internationally. With hundreds of performances under his belt, his talent has attracted a whole number of corporate magic clients such as American Express. Warner Bros and Lego. As well as performing magic, Leon runs an events company called 'Riddles in the Dark' and with an amazing selection of cabaret and circus performers, they create different events, from intimate pub gigs, to full of Rock and Roll Cabaret shows and club nights! Be brave, be bold, dare to be different! Contact Leon to see how he can help add his seductive sorcery to your event.



Mix Pix - Sweden
Mixi Pix is a real life rainbow. She spreads her colours everywhere she goes and bring smiles to peoples faces daily by giving them a dose of all the colours of the rainbow! You can find her everywhere from dancing around in the forest, modelling and creating different outfits and spreading awareness about mental illness on social media.
The Grumpy Princess - California, US

This super ladylike and elegant creature hosts a fun and informative Youtube show as the very Grumpy Princess. Taking up the tragic state of our society and giving it a twist so all both listen and understand the sometimes heavy subjects that are brought to the table. Grumpy Princess also attend events and shows as a performer or walkabout and you can be guaranteed she'll bring a show with an edge you haven't seen before. Get in contact or visit her website where she also runs a webshop with amazing handmade jewellery and fun unique clothing. All for a good cause!

Irresponsible Orange - United Kingdom

Part human, part glitter, part pineapple with a sprinkling of sunshine on top, the Irresponsible Orange is a creature of many disguises. She spends a lot of her time in fields and woodlands - her natural habitat, dancing, and spreading colour and cheer. When not in a field she can normally be found making and sewing, or sailing the tarmac ways of the UK aboard her trusty transit. Her many talents include Walkabouts, Fire Dancing, Costume Designs, Photographs and/or Set Decor. So a girl of many many talents.

Mariyah - Denmark

MARIYAH​ is an experienced Danish/Lebanese singer and performer based in Denmark. During her musical career she has toured several countries such as France, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands and USA. In 2017 the singer toured in China twice, with the most recent tour consisting of 24 shows in 28 days covering 10.000 km by bus. In 2014 M​ARIYAH won a Danish Music Award for 'Best Live Act' and is widely known for her live performances. In late 2017 M​ARIYAH​ signed a 3 year management contract with REN Production ​with the goal of making her an international profile ​in mainly ​Asia ​​and China in particular.

Mermaid Victoria - Viginia, US

Mermaid Viktoria is an international professional mermaid based on the east coast of the US. She has performed for various company parties, underwater tank shows, and even an event for National Geographic and Asia's Largest Diving Expo in Singapore. Armed with the super shine of biodegradable glitter, she is ready to spread the sparkling joy to everyone whilst still being conscious of our environment's health and well-being. Contact her today for all your unique performance needs.

Flying Fox Entertainment - Denmark

Flying Fox Entertainment is a Copenhagen based entertainment company and booking agency for out of the ordinary performances. Anything from exciting burlesque acts to over the top freakshows. Run by the Mad Hatter Himself, you will never be disappointed whether you need a whole carnival of cirkus artists, a tea party like you have never seen before or a booking of some of the best underground musicians and DJ's from in and around Denmark. Flying Fox entertainment has been playing with your mind for many years all over the world, from Polish Castles to Festival Freakshows and deep down the rabbit hole of Wonderlands.

MOUS.NO - Norway / Denmark delivers everything you need of entertainment to your event. Big shows, magicians, singers, dancers and much more. They also have a large team with some of Scandinavias finest facepainters. The team are working as clowns, santagirls, princesses and all the characters children adores. They love to Paint and sparkle glitter all around and are now proud to be amassadors of ECO-friendly glitter. The team work mostly in and around Norway, but they also have one of Denmarks most talented painters, located near Copenhagen. Helene from Sminkehjørnet have provided these beautiful designs using ECO-glitters.  They take bookings from commercial clients, events, festivals, photoshoots, kids birthday parties and the team get alot of themed gigs.